We are a UK based online brand and will be offering services 24/7 worldwide. Our aim is to bridge the gap between luxury wear and street wear for both men and women. We believe we are the right fit for our customers, so we will provide a premium and exclusive range of products that will ensure comfort and durability.

This brand is based on the representation and definition of its name CLVX which in astrological analysis terms means to be apart of the life path seven. We recognise ourselves as a brand with the same key aspects of life path seven. We will enter the industry with a gift for investigation and careful observation giving you an exclusive range of products made from the best of materials.

Our customers are of the same calibre. You are first-class thinkers. You evaluate situations very quickly and with amazing accuracy. Accordingly, you are thorough and complete in how you look which is why we will provide the best clothing and accessories for all our diverse range of customers.